Wooster School admits students of any race, color, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every family applying to Wooster need to submit financial forms?

No, only those families who feel they are unable to pay full tuition and want to apply for a reduced tuition amount need to submit the forms.

Does an application for Variable Tuition affect a student’s chances of admission to the school?

A family’s financial need does not affect a student’s acceptance to Wooster School. Variable Tuition is determined separately.

When will a family learn if they have been offered Variable Tuition?

The first admission notification date for the next school year is in February 2022 and will include a separate response regarding Variable Tuition. Responses to families will fall into three categories: an offer of Variable Tuition; notification that the family does not qualify for Variable Tuition; or notice that the family is wait-listed for Variable Tuition. A wait list designation means that a family will be considered for Variable Tuition if additional funding becomes available.

Are all students who are offered admission also offered Variable Tuition if their parents qualify?

Unfortunately, no. The number of accepted students whose families qualify for Variable Tuition usually exceeds our school's budget. We do not guarantee funding for, nor are able to fund, all deserving students. Most years, Variable Tuition is offered to a high percentage of accepted students whose families demonstrate need.

If a ninth grader’s family participates in Variable Tuition, does the student stay in the program until graduation?

Provided family circumstances remain the same and our resources can continue to support the program to the same extent, we intend to fund the student for four years. To continue in the program, the family must reapply each year.

What kind of economic situation qualifies a family for acceptance into the program?

There is a wide range of families who qualify, from those who can afford only minimal tuition to those who can afford almost full tuition. In calculating each family's ability to pay, we consider many factors.

If a family does not receive Variable Tuition one year, can they reapply the following year?

Although a family is welcome to reapply or apply for the first time for Variable Tuition in any year, the school is seldom able to accept families into the program after ninth grade.

What is tuition for the 2021-2022 school year?

Tuition and payment dates, established in December, are included in the admissions acceptance in February 2022. Tuition increases each year. Three payment plans are available: one payment, two payments, or ten payments a year. See the Tuition and Fees page for full details.

Who handles questions regarding Variable Tuition?

General questions about Variable Tuition should be addressed to the Admission Office at 203.830.3916 or admissions@woosterschool.org.

Families Who Have Their Own Business and/or Farm

All parents who own a business and/or farm will be required to furnish a copy of their current business tax return. They will also be asked to furnish cash flow statements, balance sheets, and any other information relevant to the business. We will not consider ordinary business or rental depreciation or loss in calculating financial need. For those having formed limited partnerships, families must submit copies of the partnership return and K-1's. We reserve the right to request additional financial information if necessary to determine financial status.

Policies for Divorced/Separated Parents

In dealing with divorced or separated parents, the goal in the variable tuition process is to get as much information as possible from both parties, as well as from the spouses of either or both. Each situation is unique and will be handled on an individual basis.

The following is required:

  1. The custodial AND non-custodial parent must fill out the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS).
  2. The custodial AND non-custodial parent must provide required tax records.

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